• Commissioner responsibilities

    Yes. If a league member prefers to give you cash or transfer money to you directly, you can then transfer the funds into the league account. On the league payment page, click the “Make Payment” button next to the name of the league member who paid you directly.

    Commissioners have the opportunity to reimburse themselves for their fantasy league’s expenses (e.g., draft parties, league management fees, league trophies). This feature allows commissioners to take any amount equal to or under $300 out of the league’s pot. The amount of funds allocated to commissioner reimbursement cannot be changed after the first payment is made.

    The TeamStake Payment Deadline is the last day allowed to make payments for a particular fantasy sport. This deadline is set by TeamStake and may differ from the league payment deadline a league uses.

    Commissioner reimbursement funds are available at the end of your league's fantasy sports season.

    If your league is having trouble adding certain users, your commissioner can contact our Support Desk and we will manually add the users to your league. Just provide us with the user’s email address, first name, and last name and they will be added to your league! Please note that the user’s email must already be associated with a TeamStake account, otherwise this process will not work.

    If your league's commissioner becomes unresponsive, contact us and we will look into the issue. Common solutions include assigning a new commissioner or cancelling the league (and refunding entry fees).

    When the season ends, there will be an "Update Settings" button that shows up for your league. You can use that to change the payout structure to match your league's entry fees. A league will only show the "Submit Payout" option if the total league entry fees amount is equal to payouts + commissioner reimbursement + rollover + donation. This is a common solution for league's that didn't meet its intended amount of participants and needs to alter its payout amounts.

    The orange jacket icon signifies the commissioner of the league.

    Payout allocation becomes available for leagues after the league season has ended. This usually occurs after the last day of the regular season depending on the specific fantasy sport. For Fantasy Football leagues, payouts become available at the conclusion of the Week 16 games.

    There should be an orange "Submit Payout" button on your league page next to the "Participants" section. If that button is not showing up for you, it is most likely due to the fact that your league pool does not match your payout allocation. Please click the "Update Settings" button next to the "League Settings" section. You can click "Continue" and update your payout allocation to match your league pool. A league will only show the "Submit Payout" option if the total league pool amount is equal to payouts + commissioner reimbursement + rollover + donation. Your league may have had more or less memberes than intended and the league pool amount may have changed from your original settings.