• Creating a league

    The “Create League” button can be found at the top of the “My Account” and “My Leagues” pages within the membership portal. The one page process is simple and should only take five minutes.

    Yes. League settings can be changed up until the first payment is made. After that, the payment settings are locked for the season.

    Yes. Our payout structure is fully customizable and even includes “(n)th” selections for fields that we didn’t think of – you can pay out as many members as you want in an unlimited amount of ways.

    In your league payout settings, use the "(n)th place" payouts for the weekly high score payouts. If you award the weekly high score payout for 16 weeks in your league, then allocate 16 "(n)th place" payouts. TeamStake allows leagues to create an unlimited amount of "(n)th place" payouts in order to offer complete payout customization.