• Payment processing

    TeamStake offers a variety of free options for both paying league dues and receiving payouts:


    • E-check: FREE
    • TeamStake Wallet: FREE
    • Credit/Debit Card: 4% of transaction amount
    • PayPal: 4% of transaction amount


    • Gift Card: FREE
    • Visa Prepaid Card: FREE
    • PayPal: 4% of withdrawal amount
    • Paper check: $5

    In order to offset card processor fees, there is a nominal 4% transaction fee for payments made by credit/debit card.

    Users who wish to receive a Prepaid card in non-USD denominations should submit their request to

    Gift Card: Instant

    Visa Prepaid Card: Instant

    PayPal: 3-5 business days

    Paper check: 5-10 business days

    Yes. On the league payment page, click on the “Make Payment” button next to the league member you wish to pay for. One person can pay for as many owners as he wants.

    Yes. All league members can receive a refund if the league they contributed money to has not yet reached its payment deadline. After the payment deadline has passed, league members need commissioner approval for refund requests. Refund requests in dynasty leagues always require commissioner or majority approval.

    Unfortunately, TeamStake requires that an entire league's entry fee be paid at one time. This is in order to minimize the per-transaction card processor charges and help us keep offering our service for free.

    A user's transaction ID is shown when hovering over the "amount paid" in the Transaction History of the My Account Page.

    If a user hovers over the payment made in a league, it tells the user which league member made the payment.

    If your league’s payment deadline is set for August 20th, then the latest that a payment can be made into your league is August 19th at 11:59 PM. Once your league passes its payment deadline, the payment deadline cannot be extended. If your league misses the deadline and needs to be restarted/cancelled, please reach out to our Support Desk and we can help you out!

    International payouts are limited to Visa and Mastercard Prepaid Cards and PayPal withdrawal options. TeamStake offers Visa and Mastercard withdrawals in the following currencies: CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR, JPY. Users who wish to receive a Prepaid card in non-USD denominations should submit their request to In order to offset the processing fees incurred for international PayPal transfers, there will be a 4% transaction charge for all international PayPal withdrawal requests.